Craig Wells’ Ministries is an outreach ministry of The Rock Church. We have but one goal: the establishing of sons and daughters of God by liberating the souls of man through the power of the completed work of Jesus Christ. It is our vision to see the  glory of the Lord Jesus Christ

and the life changing power of the Holy Spirit made known throughout the nations of the world, one soul at a time. CWM has a heart cry of “Let My People Go.” Way too long the Church has been held back by the lies of the devil and the power to strangle out the very hope of God’s might by religion, man’s dos and don’ts, self condemnation and hopeless guilt. It is time to be free; whom the Son has set free is free indeed. Believe this day in the Lord Jesus Christ and in His completed work on the cross to conquer all of your sins- past, present and future- and to liberate your soul to its fullest destiny in Christ. Arise in your rightful place before the Lord to receive all of the promises of God to you. For in Christ Jesus each and every one is destined 2 win. Join us and be a part of the new generation revolution at CWM, liberating the souls of men unto sons of God.

You Are Destined 2 Win

There is a worldwide liberation of souls going on; whom the Son sets free is free indeed. Join us in this new generation of believers, declaring their freedom and liberation in Christ. Become a liberator of souls today.


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