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Welcome to life at The Rock!  We are committed to making a spirit led impact upon the Gulf coast region and the world we live in.  It is our desire to touch the world with the love and power of Jesus Christ, one soul at a  time.

Life at The Rock is a happening place and there is always something going on.  Come and get connected at The Rock.  This is a  place where you can build a solid foundation and become all that God has intended for you to become.

It is our desire that the freedom and joy in Jesus Christ coupled with the power and leadership of the Holy Spirit will make a real difference in your life.

We are here for people just like you , so come and be a part of living a life worth living, experiencing freedom and joy like never before , finding new friends and family and a place to call your own.

You are invited to join us this week for one of our “Living the Life” worship services.  It will be a time of anointed teaching, powerful worship and an outpouring of the presence of God.


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Craig N. Wells
Senior Pastor
The Rock Founded & established since October 2000

His Mission: “establishing sons and daughters of Christ and helping them to live a life Destined 2 Win”

For over two decades Pastor Craig has been in the ministry. After several years of full time ministry he submitted to Apostle Aaron Smith of The Rock of Mobile, and after eight years serving in The Rock of Mobile he was sent out to establish a ministry here in the Greater New Orleans area, Slidell. Since August 2000 he has put his call into full force reaching the lost and affecting the Kingdom for God. He is a sought after speaker, published author and dynamic preacher.

Pastor Craig is the husband of Co-Pastor Tina Wells and the father of three wonderful children: Jeremy (21), Jennifer (19) and Ashley (18).

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Tina A. Wells
The Rock Founded & established since October 2000

Pastor Tina is the wife of Pastor Craig. She has been in ministry for over two decades and has served The Rock Ministries since it began. She is actively involved in many ministry departments. Pastor Tina is the lead pastor in the Woman’s Life group, and also works directly with all performing arts and prophetic dances.

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Pastor Tommy Gaines
Ordained in 2011

Pastor Tommy and his family were sent here by Apostle F. Nolan Ball, The Rock of Panama City. They have been with The Rock Ministries for over 17 years. Tommy oversees The Core Youth at The Rock. He also works with the Pastoral Care Team.
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Pastor Tammy A. Gaines
Ordained in 2001
Pastor Tammy’s duties include editing our published works and working in the office. She is actively involved in the Praise and Worship Team as well as the Children’s Ministry. 
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Pastor Jennifer L. Dupuy
Ordained in 2003

Pastor Jennifer is the executive administrator for Pastor Craig. She assists in many areas of the ministry from day to day: Elevation Youth, Drama, Woman’s Life and much more. She is the lead designer in our monthly newsletter.

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Ivory Robinson

Ivory oversees our Outreach Evangelism. He teaches our new comer class “Impact” and is an active part of the welcome committee. Ivory also works with our Home Care Pastors to assist with our Life Group studies.

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Bob & Dorothy Neitzschman

The Neitzschmans have been with The Rock since it began in 2000. They are both lead Home Care Pastors. This team duo wears many hats, but giving a good first impression is the most important. Their smiling faces are always an encouragement to visitors and members alike.

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Leo Schwarz

Leo is the audio technical engineer. He is responsible for all the audio needs at The Rock. His areas of responsibility include production of our weekly services and assisting with visual production.

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Jennifer Blessitt

Jennifer, the oldest daughter of Pastors Craig and Tina, is actively involved in our High School ministries. She assists in other departments such as nursery, children’s ministry, Elevation Youth and Praise and Worship.

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Ashley Charlton

Ashley, the youngest of the Wells’ children, oversees our Nursery Department. She is active in the Zane Productions and all other performing arts ministries.

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Maleena Cox

Maleena is part of our welcome committee as she serves as one of our greeters. She works with our Home Care Pastors to make you feel welcome and invited as you join us for our services.

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Darleen Barras

Darleen is also another smiling face you will see as you join us for our services. She is a valuable part of our welcome committee. She works with our Home Care Pastors to make each person feel welcome and invited.

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