I was challenged this month by something one of my members, Steve Nick, said on Facebook.  It made me begin to consider this thought on everything that I do.  Steve said, “If you are interested in something, you do what is convenient. But if you are committed to something, you do ‘Whatever It Takes’.” WOW, what a profound statement. -- So I began to look at my life and use that statement as a measuring stick for my actions,  responsibilities to my goals and dreams, and to the word of the Lord.  On the good side, there weren’t many of my actions belonging in the ‘convenient column’.  But I did not find as many answers as I would have liked and hoped for in the ‘whatever it takes column’. This was an eye-opener for me. And if you will be honest with yourself,  this will help you get a clear outlook on how you progress in life.   So many of our end results are based upon us hearing and obeying the word of the Lord. That means we sometimes need to take a good look at our reality. This is not to judge or put anyone down, but every so often we need to come clean with ourselves and with our dreams ,our goals and our destiny.  Begin today to take a good look at your life and the two columns of choice, and weigh out what you have been doing. I don’t believe your future has to mirror your past, but your past can speed up or slow down you obtaining the prize.  Decide today if you are just ‘interested’ in reaching your destiny  in Christ Jesus and His plan for your life, or are you committed to that destiny and plan. Let your actions to this point show  your true heart.  Go forward, make those much needed changes and reach for the Heavens.  The plan that God has for you is greater than you are.  Now that you are ready, get committed!




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