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Throughout the last 21 years of ministry, Craig Wells has become one of the leading voices to this next generation of believers. “Next” is a generation of believers that is called by His name.  They are set apart, full of power, led by the Holy Spirit and arising in the earth as sons and daughters of the Most-High God,  declaring the works of the Lord.

Craig Wells is the founding pastor and pioneer leader of The Rock Church here on the Northshore. He was sent here by the senior pastor of The Rock of Mobile, Alabama, Apostle Aaron Smith. Pastor Craig understudied and served in The Rock Ministries there for eight years.

Craig’s ministry to this generation is a ministry of liberation and freedom.  His anointed preaching and powerful teaching of the Word of God will cause your spirit to awaken and come alive.  Craig’s practical and humorous style of ministering the Word is that added personal touch that will uplift your soul and cause you to declare that you are Destined 2 Win.  He moves strongly in the prophetic word by the gift of the Holy Spirit, ministering healing and freedom to the souls of man.

As a conference speaker, author and senior pastor of The Rock, Craig’s ministry has advanced the Kingdom of God in the lives of many and caused sons and daughters to arise in the earth and take their rightful place under the glory and liberating power of the Holy Spirit.  In Christ you are a chosen generation, and you are Destined 2 Win.

quote_01 Craig also leads a World-Wide ministry called Craig Wells’ Ministries, an out-reach ministry of The Rock Church.  He has built the Rock Church and its foundation on the working of the Holy Spirit, grace and authority of Jesus Christ.  Craig has a liberating word of freedom and power in Jesus Christ, with a longing of  “Let My people Go.“ This word is changing the very lives of people to become all that the Father has for them and to live a life that is Destined 2 Win. His heart and vision are to rear up Sons and Daughters throughout the world with the gifting and revelation of who they are in Christ and of the great benefits that God’s Kingdom has bestowed upon the righteous. He is a highly effective and anointed  conference speaker and published author.

God has truly chosen him for such a time as this. Craig’s prayer for your life is that you may experience the best of what God has for you and live your life to its fullest, and that all of your dreams and visions in your life will come to pass and that “ no one is left behind”.  Why don’t you join us in this great call of God as we advance the kingdom and the authority of Christ in the believer?  Remember, in Christ you are Destined 2 Win.
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Tina is an anointed preacher and a much enjoyed teacher. Her constant joy is to be in the presence of the Lord and to lead others to the fulfillment of Jesus Christ as they live a life Destined 2 Win. Throughout the ministry Tina has hosted many women’s conferences and events that have set free and brought liberty to the daughters of God. She’s helped them to realize who they are and their importance as daughters, women, wives and mothers.

Tina is a wonderful example of today’s Godly woman. Her presence and character show forth the love and glory of the Lord in everything she does. She is a dedicated mother of three: Jeremy, Jennifer and Ashley and a faithful wife of twenty three years. Her devotion to God, her family and this ministry has exhorted the lives of many women and young ladies to reach their potential in Christ.


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